The CytoScience Microscope is an official German Army (Bundeswehr) project. Together with the German Army Institute of Microbiology in Munich, CytoScience is developing the World´s first totally decontaminatable level 4 microscope. Designed for use in the battle field, the microscope is extra tough and can be immersed in decontamination fluids. Called the BIO-Fence microscope the instrument should be available within 18 months.


New Technology fold up flexible solar panel for running the microscope/charging batteries is now available.


BACK TO SPACE! Cytoscience signs agrreement with Keyser Threde and EADS to provide much of the equipment for the forthcoming ESA mammalian bioreactor project (BMTC) to be flown on the International Space Station. The basis of the bioreactor (ZETOS) and LED based microsscopes for investgiation of cells in a reactor. Part of this equipment are LED fluorescence microscopes.


Release of the SMRb. model . The microscope now has an external battery/tilting holder, new electronics and a filter slider for white light. Hi power LED electronics for difficult images in marginal conditions. Also avalable are a battery holder/charger.

MARCH 2006

We sign MOU with FIND diagnostics

APRIL 2006.

Delivery of the first batch of 50 microscopes to our Romanian partners Pro Auto Industries.